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Through commitment, experience, and expertise,
Carpenter Metal Solutions, Inc. has established business relationships
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Founder Experience

Gregg Carpenter, Sr. leverages the knowledge gained from “growing up in the scrap business” to benefit your bottom line.  Gregg, President of Carpenter Metal Solutions, Inc., is a true “insider.”  His knowledge of the residual metal commodities industry is based upon more than two decades of experience in various positions, including:

  • Former President of Minerva Aluminum, a secondary aluminum smelter located in Ohio.  (Annually, Minerva purchased and processed approximately 100 million pounds of aluminum.)
  • Manager of Industrial Purchasing at Alchem Aluminum, now Aleris International.
  • Partnership in two scrap metal recycling facilities.
  • General Manager and Vice-Presidency of two scrap metal recycling corporations.

Gregg’s experience, connections and knowledge ensure you have access to the latest techniques, markets and insight.  His personal guidance provides the reliable information you need to can make informed decisions regarding all of your recycling options.


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