Recycling Services

Carpenter Metal Solutions, Inc. provides comprehensive scrap recycling solutions. From a simple formula analysis — to ensure your scrap payment is based upon the correct publication, to a fully integrated program consisting of analysis, tracking, equipment financing, and risk analysis of target markets, we will better your bottom line. Because our objective is helping you, services can be combined and tailored to best meet your particular objectives or facility needs.

Residual Metal Market Analysis

What is the true value of your residual metal? Should you sell it? (Many companies have determined the answer is no.) Considering freight and handling costs, is the local market appropriate? Are your residual metals best handled by multiple recyclers or one? These are just some of the many questions we will answer to ensure you’re getting the best price for an increasingly valued commodity.

 We’ll continue to ask and answer these kinds of questions when you become a client. The global market for residual metals is evolving, and becoming increasingly more rewarding. Consumers are aggressively seeking stable suppliers. The professionals at CMS Inc. can define a program linking you with the most profitable opportunities.

Fully Integrated Metal Management

In addition to our analysis and program development service, CMS Inc. can also fully implement and manage the program. This multi-faceted service includes:


  • Daily monitoring, using proprietary state-of-the-art software and analysis, to ensure you’re receiving the optimum value. In addition, we will constantly evaluate the financial stability of your selected markets.
  • Ongoing scrutiny of your material – from generation through final sale – to account for every pound. This includes weight verification, deduction monitoring and verification, and settlement oversight.
  • Contract negotiation with scrap processors, handlers, and buyers.
  • Ongoing review of your site material handling — to identify methods for streamlining and minimizing liability.
  • Ongoing review of site processing — to identify opportunities for increasing value and minimizing liability.
  • Comprehensive reporting at intervals that meet your needs.

Best Practices Support

Significant advantages can be gained by identifying, defining and implementing “best practices,” especially in operations that have grown through acquisitions and mergers, or in larger multi-facility corporations. In these situations, typically there’s been little or no effort applied to optimizing the many practices inherited that deal with residual metals. Yet, the advantages of doing so can be substantial.


Carpenter Metal Solutions, Inc.

can complete a timely and detailed “Best Practices” analysis of your many facilities and practices. We examine such issues as: what residual metal assets are generated and where? How is each managed? What markets are you selling into? How often are these contracts reviewed? What revenues can be gained by combining synergies?

We will provide a comprehensive executive summary that details the information needed to properly assess risks and define appropriate courses of action.


Governmental / Institutional Support Consultation

Governmental entities and institutional purchasing agents face unique challenges in gaining optimum scrap value. They’re charged with divesting scrap that is typically of various grades of segregated and non-segregated materials, located in numerous and often remote locations, and is fraught with environmental liability.

Maximum value may be achieved when the scrap is appropriately classified and handling for the right market. CMS Inc. will guide guiding you through this process, ensuring maximum integrity and value…in spite of the difficult challenges.


Capital Equipment Financing and Leasing

Handling, processing and logistical equipment provides immediate and substantial benefits, such as increased scrap value, safety, environmental compliance and recovery of cutting fluids, reduced labor costs and minimized liability, and security of precious and semi-precious metals. Yet, tight capital constraints rarely allow for the purchase of non-production equipment…even though this equipment often has a rapid return-on-investment.

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Carpenter Metal Solutions Inc. can provide capital in scenarios ranging from a fixed end lease to an outright purchase. Repayment is accomplished by using a portion of the increased revenue we’ll help you gain.

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